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Fashion Curated Online N.Y.C. may also have a separate, designated curated collection of "Celebrity-Inspired" fashions. These "Celebrity-Inspired" collections will always be stated as "INSPIRED" and are not to be misconstrued as an exact original of any Designer fashion (unless stated otherwise).

These "Inspired" curated collections primarily consist of affordable, LEGAL recreations of inspired Hollywood, Celebrity, Red Carpet fashion and accessories.

These "Inspired" products within the curated collection are NOT To be confused with any other Designers (i.e. Herve Leger) or any other high fashion couture designer or jeweler.

For this reason, Fashion Curated Online N.Y.C. does NOT claim for product(s) to be 'Originals' or 'Exact' copies of any designer product. Therefore, our product(s) within this collection do not violate any copyright laws. No copyright infringement intended.

The celebrity images used (if any) are for novelty/informational purposes only, purely to recreate the look of the celebrity by depicting the similarity between our product(s) and those worn by the celebrities. 

Unless stated otherwise in the individual item description, items from this collection sold at Fashion Curated Online N.Y.C. are NOT the "Exact" items the celebrity is wearing, but a LEGAL, high-quality, stylish, and fashionable inspired recreation.

The celebrities shown or mentioned do NOT endorse the product(s), nor are the celebrities affiliated or associated with Fashion Curated Online N.Y.C. unless stated otherwise. 


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